Break Free From NYC: Hike the Scenic Hudson Valley

In times of COVID-19, don’t you just want to escape your 500 square foot studio apartment, and venture into the great outdoors? A quick bask in the beauty of the Hudson Valley is good for the soul, even if you love the hustle and bustle of New York City. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or seeking a kid-friendly hike, there’s something for you! All of these hikes are within a couple of hour’s drive of New York City, and some are even walking distance from the MetroNorth and Amtrak train stops! So convert your Blundstone’s into hiking boots, get out your map, fill up your hydro flask, and get outdoors to hike!

Hike Storm King Mountain

Hike Breakneck Ridge

Hike Mount Beacon

If you have never been to Beacon, we suggest taking the long 2-mile walk through downtown Beacon to get to the mountain! While walking through the town, you may even just text your significant other about moving to Beacon and starting your own micro-farm. This walk will even help you out on where to eat dinner when you’re done, though I would suggest Two Way Brewery or Hudson Valley Brewery for a nice brew and food!

Hike Overlook Mountain

With the combination of a hike up Overlook Mountain with a visit to a Buddhist temple and a meal at one of Woodstock’s many fine, unique eateries, you will look back on this day fondly.

Hike Bear Mountain

For those who have families, Bear Mountain is a State Park that is home to a zoo, carousel, and paddle-boats!

Cool Down at Fawn’s Leap

Even after two centuries of being home to the famous aesthetic visions of Thomas Cole and other Hudson River School artists, the Hudson Valley still welcomes droves of city-dwellers to come and experience its natural beauty. Come experience it for yourself! Perhaps, you will even make the move North too!

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Originally published at on May 17, 2020.